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16 Genius Half Bun Hacks You Need to Know About

Few hairstyles can pass as practical and cute like a bun can. Looking to switch up your ordinary top knot? Try the half bun. Celebs have taken to the trend and proven that the look is just as perfect for daytime as it is for a red carpet event. You can make a half bun work for any occasion and any hair type or length.


1. If you have long hair: (1) First, separate the top half of your hair from the bottom half, securing it with a hair tie. Make sure the ponytail is tight. (2) Go back and gently tug on the hair on top if you need to make it look more voluminous. (3) Then, tease the tail slightly near the base of the elastic (this will give your bun a fuller look) and (4) twist it around the base. (5) Secure the bun with a few bobby pins and (6) finish by adjusting it to the shape that you want.

2. If you have short hair: That lob you just got might be more difficult to put in a bun, but it’s still doable. Create two parts in your hair in line with your temples. Use the section of hair from your hairline to the crown of your head to create a high ponytail. After you secure your hair with an elastic band, pin small sections of the ponytail around the hair tie to cover it, creating your baby bun.

3. If you have thin hair: If you don’t have a lot of hair and putting your hair in a half bun sounds like a joke, fake some extra volume first. Curl your hair in small sections while holding the wand horizontally for loose waves. Then, use some dry texture spray, like Oribe Dry Text urizing Spray, along your roots and backcomb the section you’ll be pulling back with a teasing comb to create some height at the top of your head. Finally, take your textured strands and twist into a perfect half bun.

4. For full, wavy hair: Part your hair at your temples to section off the hair (since your hair is fuller, sectioning your hair from ear to ear will leave you with an even larger bun, so keep that in mind).Wrap your hair around itself and slip a hair tie over the pile of hair to keep it in place. Finally, tuck the ends into the bun and pin them for a clean, finished look.

5. If you have thick, curly hair and you want a super-tight bun: Part your hair at your temples, pull your hair into a tight ponytail, twist until your hair starts to coil, wrap it around the base of the elastic band, and secure it with pins or a hair tie.

6. For a fuller, looser bun if you have thick, curly hair: Use your thumbs to gather your hair from ear to ear, pull your hair up on top of your head, loosely wrap your hair around itself, and secure it with pins instead of a hair tie.

7. If your hair is straight and has trouble staying in a style: Sprinkle some text urizing powder over the strands of your hair to give it grip. A powder like Davines Text urizing Dust will prevent your hair from slipping out of the bun and will keep the hair tie from sliding out and drooping. Create a tuck bun by pulling your hair through an elastic twice and only pulling it halfway through the third time, leaving the ends out for an edgier look. For a polished finish, wrap and pin a strand of hair around the base to hide the hair tie.


8. Switch up your part to go from cool girl to ladylikeIf you want a bun with a downtown vibe, try parting your hair at your temples and only using that 3-inch section from your hairline to your crown to create your bun (since it resembles a mohawk). For a ladylike bun, use your thumbs to part your hair at an angle, including all your hair from ear to ear.

9. Play with the positioning of your half bun: For an edgier look, try placing your bun on top of your head. Position your bun right at the crown of your head for a cute, casual look, or wear it low for a sophisticated style.

10. Use extensions if you want to make your bun look bigger:After securing your hair in a bun, clip a small weft of extensions all around the base of the elastic (the weft in this tutorial has three clips). Then twist the extension hair and wrap it around your real bun. Secure it with pins.

11. Fill in bare spots with a little eye shadow in the same shade as your hair to hide an obvious part.

12. If the ends of your hair are straight, blunt, and keep popping out of the bun, try curling them first. If you want to keep the rest of your hair straight, that’s OK, just lightly curl the ends of your ponytail to give it a curved shape so it spins into a bun flawlessly. This will prevent the ends from sticking out and coming unraveled.


13. If you want your ends to stick out for a messier finish: After you pull your hair up into a ponytail, pull the hair through the elastic band once fully. Then, as you’re pulling your hair through the second time, only do it halfway, creating a loop. Finally, wrap the hair tie around the loop, releasing the elastic to secure the bun. You really can’t mess up a messy bun. If it doesn’t come out quite right the first time, pull it, adjust it, and pin it when you’ve found the shape that you want.

14. Try a braided half bun. First, gather your hair from ear to ear and secure the section in a ponytail. Tease the ends to give your braid extra volume, then separate the braid in two sections. Begin fishtail braiding to the ends. Secure it with a clear elastic, wrap it around the base, and pin it into place.

15. Fake fuller hair (or just switch up your usual half bun style) by giving yourself a loose “knot bun.” After you’ve gathered your hair from ear to ear and put it into a high ponytail, split the tail in half, loosely twist the ends, wrap them in opposite directions around the base, and pin the ends into place.

16. Twist your hair into a baby low bun for a sleeker look.Section the top half of your hair from the bottom half and loosely smooth it straight back toward the middle of your head, tightly twist the ends around, and secure it with a big decorative pin, like the YS Park Gold 4″ Hair Pin.

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