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Do You Have Dry Skin? These Are The 2 Diseases To Which You Should Pay Attention!!!

Dry skin can be a sign that your body doesn’t function as it should. For example, it can mean that we’re overexposed to sunlight or we aren’t hydrated enough. When we have a sign that’s appearing for a longer period of time, we don’t pay attention to it anymore. The skin is an organ that most of us usually neglect. In case it’s deteriorated or dry, it will manifest itching and redness.

A moisturizer with cucumber or coconut essences can help our skin become healthy again, but if there aren’t changes even after a long period of time, we’ll have to visit a specialist since this skin change can show something that’s complex.


  • If the levels of sugar in our blood are high for a long period of time, our body starts losing fluids.
  • Then, our skin starts to dehydrate very quickly.
  • Diabetes can also cause problems with the perspiration and we all know that this process moisturizes our skin naturally.
  • When diabetes causes skin dryness, our skin cracks and becomes susceptible to many infections and some of them are even dangerous.
  • Diabetic patients have a great problem when it comes to wound healing.

Kidney problems:

  • This will probably be strange for you, but sometimes, we may have an infection of our urinary tract and we aren’t even aware of it.
  • It’s an especially common condition in pregnant women.
  • Our kidneys should create a balance between the nutrients and minerals in our blood.
  • When these fluids can’t be processed, the skin becomes itchy and very dry.
  • Be careful about this symptom, because you can’t notice a kidney problem easily until it reaches some advanced stage.
  • In case you have a family history, you’re a diabetic or have problems with your blood pressure and your age is over 60, you must perform medical checks regularly.
  • If you’ve noticed some skin changes or they’re very strange to you in their color and shape, you need to visit a specialist.
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