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Easy Eye Makeup Tips That Anyone Can Do

1. White Eyeliner Makes Your Eyes Look Bigger

Applying white eyeliner to your lower water line is a subtle way to make your eyes pop. Blend them in lightly with a finger so that the line isn’t too harsh.

2. Warm Up Your Curling Wand with a Hair Dryer

Just a few seconds of hot air will do. Your lashes will be curlier, and the curls will last longer.

3. Save Those Mascara Wands!

Instead of throwing out those old mascara wands, save them! Find an eye shadow shade that matches your hair color and use the wand to fill in those brows.

4. Find an Eyebrow Shape That Works For Your Face

It’s not an exact science, but this chart helps you browse for what kind of brow shape would match your face shape.

5. Highlighting is your Best Friend

Applying a lighter color on the corner of your eyes, middle of the lid, and juuuust under the eye brow is cheaper (and safer!) than an eye lift.

6. Use Saline Solution to Revitalize Dry Mascara

5-7 drops of eye drops (or most types of contact solution) will make dried out mascara work as good as new.

7. Apply a Coat of Waterproof Mascara OVER Your Regular Mascara

Step 1: Apply regular mascara, like normal.

Step 2: Apply a coat of water proof mascara.

Step 3: Enjoy lashes that will last all-night, but still be easy to remove when you’re done for the day.

8. Winged Eyeliner Made Easy with Scotch Tape

If you’re like me and can’t draw winged eyeliner to save your life…

First of all, call home, mom misses us. Second of all, scotch tape (or a spoon!) can be used as a stencil. No fuss, no muss!

9. Confetti Liner

For a bold party look, try dotting colored eyeliner instead of drawing a plain ol’ line. Learn more about it here.

10. Do You Wear Glasses? Focus On Your Brows!

Glasses frame your eyes, but a well defined brow can frame your glasses. Good thing you saved those old mascara wands!

11. The Power of Swatches

Not sure if a shade will work on your face? Test it out on the inside of your arm–since the outside is usually darker. Half the work is just finding a color that works well with your skin tone.


12. Tighten Those Eyes

To make your eyelashes appear even fuller, gently lift your lashes upwards and dab eyeliner in those tiny gaps between the lash hairs. Just make sure you wash your hands first!

13. Apply Concealer AFTER Eye Shadow

Applying eye shadow can be messy. Fall outs and smudges are inevitable, but just use concealer to cover it up.

14. Apply Under Eye Concealer in a Triangle

Applying under eye concealer in a triangle shape will get rid of those dark circles while brightening up your whole face. It’s a good temporary solution, but if you really want to get rid of those dark circles, get more sleep!

15. Use Brushes Instead of Sponges

For full coverage and more control–dump the sponge tip applicators and go for brushes. They’re easier to clean and easier to blend with.

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